Thursday, November 02, 2006

An Afternoon in Pleasant Valley Community Schools at Pleasant View Elementary

The afternoon of Wednesday, November 1st, Mississippi Bend UniServ Director Lynette Claeys and I traveled to Pleasant Valley Community Schools to visit Pleasant View Elementary. As we entered the building we were greeted by 4th grade student Jake Williamson. Jake helped us sign in and put on our visitor tags, then lead us through the hallways on a school tour.

Our first classroom stop was in the 4th grade classroom of Becky Roller. I visited with all four of the 4th grade classrooms about the responsibilities of serving as ISEA president. In addition we reviewed the three branches of the federal government and talked about how our state government follows that same model. Mrs. Roller and her class are pictured here on the left (with me in the middle!).

We next visited the 4th grade classroom of Lisa Barfnecht. Lisa along with Elementary Media Specialist Bev Anderson were instrumental in initiating the invitation for my visit. Thanks, Lisa and Bev! Lisa and her 4th grade homeroom are pictured here on the right.

The third classroom visit took us to the homeroom of Katie Welling. Katie was absent and retired teacher Louise Jesson was subbing. Louise had taught at Pleasant View Elementary and loved returning to see her former colleagues and former students. Pictured (on left) is the 4th grade homeroom of Katie Welling.

Our last classroom visit at Pleasant View Elementary took us to the homeroom of Monica Belby. Monica is pictured here (on the right) with her 4th graders.

It was such a treat to have time with 4th graders! They are indeed my favorite! The children asked if I had found an ideal school in all of my travels. I told them as Dorothy from The Wizzard of Oz said, "There's no place like home"! Although I miss my own school back at Carter Lake Elementary, I have discovered so many great places I would be comfortable in being a part of the staff....and Pleasant View Elementary was one of them!

Thanks Pleasant Valley EA members at Pleasant View Elementary for your warm hospitality!


IowaEdSpectator said...

I bet the parents were pleased that class time is wasted so some union busybody can stroll through the halls.

IowaEdSpectator said...

I'm curious as to why the students must be subjected to listening to a UNION president, aprt of a self serving union with a political agenda.
Did you get releases from these kids' parents to put the pictures on the website.
I doubt a lot of the parents want the kids showcased on the union president's propaganda site.