Saturday, June 23, 2007

Leaders Assemble to Tackle the Issue of UniServ Governance

The 2007 ISEA Delegate Assembly directed a Task Force be appointed to look at UniServ Governance. On Thursday, June 21st leaders from across the state reported to the ISEA headquarters to begin looking at the issue. Rob Hirst (at right), School Psychologist from AEA 2-6-7 and Chair of the Executive Board's UniServ Committee, serves as chair of the UniServ Governance Task Force. Rob represents Hawkeye UniServ Unit on the ISEA Executive Board.

Gary Anhalt (at left), president of the Cedar Rapids EA and CedarWood UniServ Unit representative on the ISEA Executive Board brought local leader as well as Unit and state leader perspectives to the discussion. Gary is a full-time release president.

Mike Beranek (at right), represents Polk Suburban UniServ Unit on the ISEA Executive Board and is a long-time local leader from the West Des Moines EA, is our third ISEA Executive Board member to serve on the Task Force. Mike is a 3rd grade teacher at Western Hills Elementary in West Des Moines.

Bringing experience as both a local and Unit leader to the Task Force is Cheryl Benson (at left). Cheryl teaches at the Alternate High School in Oskaloosa and has served as president of both her local and UniServ Unit 9.

Providing experience at both the local and UniServ level is Roberta Hass (on the right in the photo). Roberta is a teacher in MFL-Marmac and serves as president of NEIEU. Pictured with Roberta is ISEA Associate Executive Director for Field Services Randy Richardson (on the left). Randy wanted everyone to know that we had a "friendly" discussion!

Bringing local leader perspective is Brenda Zahner (pictured with me). Brenda is a 6th grade teacher in Sgt. Bluff-Lutton and local EA president. In addition, Brenda serves on the Siouxland UniServ Unit Executive Board. [Okay, I cheated here....I somehow didn't get Brenda's photo taken on Thursday, so I went back to when I visited her local EA for this pic.]

With experience at all levels of the association is Randy Naber (at right), a 4th grade teacher in Muscatine and president of MississippiBend UniServ Unit.

Bringing additional balance to the UniServ Governance Task Force is Bob Gilchrist (at left) an ISEA past president from Linn Mar EA and East Central UniServ Unit and Jan Reinicke (at right) ISEA Executive Director.

The Task Force will gather again at Summer Conference for one of the breakout sessions to continue the discussion with UniServ presidents and presidents of the Large 8 Locals. All members are welcome to join in the discussion!

Following Summer Conference, the issue will be a part of the discussion at the all-staff meeting in early September. Next, discussion questions will be developed and the Task Force will ask UniServ Governance leaders to plan discussions, having their Executive Board representative report back to the board in December.

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