Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mississippi Bend UniServ Unit Tour Begins in North Scott Community Schools

Mississippi Bend UniServ Director Lynette Claeys and I started our day today in the North Scott Community Schools at Neil Armstrong Elementary.

Our first classroom stop was in the Kindergarten classroom of Joyce Orcutt. Joyce is a long-time association leader and continues to serve Team ISEA on the ISEA-PAC Central Committee.

Today I read the book 17 Things I'm Not Allowed To Do Anymore to Joyce's Kindergarten class. The students were great listeners and often gasped at the many things the main character did!

The second classroom stop was in the Special Education classroom of teacher Jodie Brotherton. Jodie shared with us the difference her direct instruction using "Corrective Reading" by SRA is making with her students. She then demonstrated a lesson with 5th grade student Bryce (pictured at left). Jodie's students have made tremendous growth using this technique over their scores from last school year!

Mrs. Brotherton worked with 4th grade student Paul (at right) on word recognition. Paul demonstrated his skills in "chunking" word parts.

There are great things happening here at Neil Armstrong Elementary! I am always so impressed in how teachers know each and every one of their students strengths and what skills they need to focus their instruction on. Thanks for your leadership in the classroom and in the association, Joyce and Jodie!

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