Tuesday, June 10, 2008

ISEA-PAC Central Committee Meets to Take Action on Candidate Recommendations

On Monday, June 9th members of ISEA-PAC Central Committee met in Des Moines to bring forward candidate recommendations from their local interview teams.

With a few school districts still in session, a majority of the committee came together to discuss individual races and make recommendations to our membership.

The nineteen UniServ Units of Team ISEA have all appointed a team of four members, two (2) Republican and two (2) Democrats, to represent their membership.

The attendance at our June 9th meeting was as follows:

Cedar Wood: 2
East Central: 3
Geode: 1
Great River: 2
Hawkeye: 4
JDC: 2
Lincolnway: 2
Mississippi Bend: 1
Mid-Iowa: 3
Northern Pride: 0
Unit Nine: 1
Polk Suburban: 2
South Central: 2
Siouxland: 2
Southwest: 4
Unit Ten: 1
Unit Two: 1

Also in attendance in addition to myself: ISEA Vice President/President-elect, Chris Bern; ISEA Treasurer Paula Logan; NEA Director Jim Young; and ISEA Vice President-elect Tammy Wawro.
ISEA-PAC Central Committee members heard from Team ISEA Lobbyist, Brad Hudson, on a final report of the 2008 Legislative Session before beginning our candidate discussions.

Candidate recommendations were made in all but seven (7) state Senate races and twenty-seven (27) state House races. The body gave authority for an "Emergency Committee" to act upon candidate recommendations in the above mentioned races once the local interview teams complete their interviews.

Members of ISEA-PAC's "Emergency Committee" are:

(D) Chris Bern, ISEA President-elect

(D) Jim Young-NEA Director

(D) Roberta Rosheim, JDC

(D) Kevin Ericson, Mid-Iowa

(R) Roberta Hass, NEIEU

(R) John Morgan, Unit Two

(R) Leslie Dake, Siouxland

(R) Rob Hirst, Hawkeye

Before ISEA-PAC Central Committee members headed towards home, we thanked them for the work they've done thus far with candidate interviews, but also thanked them for their leadership in this fall's campaigns in making a difference in electing/re-electing friends of education!