Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Continuing a Tradition

Do you have a tradition of reconnecting with friends that meant so much to you as you were growing up that you didn't know how life would go on without being connected at the hip? I know I sure do! Okay, I'm going to date myself here, but I graduated from Lincoln Northeast High School (Lincoln, NE) in May 1969. I have school chums that I literally have known from elementary school through our years in college (oh yes, Go Big Red--University of Nebraska-Lincoln grad/December 1973)! My pals and I have gotten together for lunch nearly every December 26th for the past 30 some years to reconnect.

Pictured above with me are my schooltime chums (from right to left): Sheryl Holle, homemaker/part-time work in Deschler, NE; Nancy Goeglein, radiologist in Lincoln, NE; Cindy Swanson, working in the insurance field, Lincoln, NE; Linda Schulte, homemaker/part-time work with the Catholic church, Lincoln, NE; Pat Remmenga, financial work, Lincoln, NE; and me.


Markitcho said...

Wish I could ind my friends from school in the future like this... ;)

Oklahoma Roy said...

Hi Linda. I think it's great you're still in contact with friends from school. I'm still in contact with a friend I had in elementary school back in Omaha, NE.

I had no idea you were a Husker.

Take care.