Friday, January 26, 2007

Increase in Minimum Wage First Action of Governor Culver

Governor Culver signed HF 1 on Thursday, January 25th, his first bill signing as Governor in a formal ceremony in the state Captitol rotunda. Governor Culver said that the bill “is a real improvement in the quality of life for many Iowans.” He said that the bill will help 260,000 Iowans and told workers at the bill signing that “for a decade you have waited patiently for a raise and today you will get one.” As a candidate running for Governor, Chet Culver campaigned on raising the state's minimum wage. Promises made, promises kept!

There was bipartisian support in passing this legislation with 119 of the combined 150 General Assembly membership voting in favor of its passage. Pictured here applauding Governor Culver's actions are members of the majority party of both the Iowa House and state Senate.
I got to be a part of this group (just off to the left & not in the photo)along with other labor leaders. Passage of this legislation and signing it into law was a great boost to the families who's students we work with every day. January 25th is also Governor Culver's birthday in which state legislators and friends sang "Happy Birthday" and wished him a happy 41st!

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