Saturday, May 26, 2007

SE Polk General Membership Meeting Draws a Large Crowd

On Wednesday, May 23rd after a full day of instruction, over 50 SE Polk EA members gathered at SE Polk Junior High for their monthly general membership meeting.

Members from the district's eight buildings ( six elementary, one Jr.High, and one High School) gather once a month not only to hear from local EA leaders and Polk Suburban UniServ Director Wayne Bauman, but to participate in a drawing. This month's drawing was for "Teacher Scholarships", to provide assistance in relicensure courses or to work on advanced degrees. Great idea, SEPEA!

SE Polk EA President Rodney Hilpipre (at left) prepares to call the meeting to order. Rodney has been a long-time friend and a Team ISEA leader for many years. Today he started the meeting with recognition of three scholarship winners.

The SE Polk EA has honored three (seated at right) graduating SE Polk seniors each with a $1,000 scholarship. Scholarship applications of the winning students were read and it was obvious the best and brightest were selected!

In addition to honoring scholarship winners and having drawings for "Teacher Scholarships", SEPEA members heard reports on: contract maintenance, governmental affairs, and were to elect a an association secretary and treasurer.

Thank you so much, SE Polk EA for your hospitality and thanks for all you do every day for Iowa's students!

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