Friday, May 18, 2007

A Visit to Adel-DeSota-Minburn Community Schools

On Thursday, May 17th I had the chance to reconnect with a couple of local leaders I had met at a presidential candidate forum earlier in the year at their school in Adel. The Adel-DeSota-Minburn Community Schools have buildings in each of the three communities. Here (pictured at right) is the Pre-K through 2nd grade building in Adel where my local leader friends Connie Hefner and Rhonda Hopewell teach.

I asked UniServ Director Peri VanTassel (on the right) to join me in my visit to one of her local associations--Adel-DeSota-Minburn. We were greeted by ADM EA president Connie Hefner (center of photo) who hosted a lunch in her classroom during her brief lunch time for membes and potential members to join our conversation.

Joining us for lunch were two of the five 2nd grade teachers here in Adel. Enthusiastic for conversation with other adults are (left to right) Mary Hughes and Karen Nielsen. The discussion began with trials and tribulations from the classroom this morning. As with all professionals, they brushed those events aside and were eager for the afternoon!
Having the chance to reconnect with both Rhonda Hopewell (seated at left) and ADM EA president Connie Hefner (on the right) brought our conversation around to where I first met them--politics. They both discussed the characteristics they liked about various candidates they have personally met and how they look forward to meeting presidential hopefuls from both political parties as we move towards the January 2008 Iowa Caucuses.

Following lunch I had the chance to read aloud to both Rhonda and Connie's homeroom classes. Pictured (at right) is Rhonda Hopewell and her homeroom of Pre-K students. They loved shouting out their favorite baseball team names when we sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"!

The last class I had a chance to share a read-aloud in was ADM EA president Connie Hefner's class. Connie is pictured (on the right) with her homeroom of Pre-K students and teacher associate Sherry Forret (on the left). Both classroom teachers shared with joy the tremendous progress their students have made and how proud they are of the children.

Thanks Connie and Rhonda for the invitation to see the great things going on in your local EA as well as the terrific things you are doing in leading your classrooms!

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