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In Honor of My Home State's 140th Birthday.....NEBRASKA!

Happy 140th Birthday Nebraska !!!

Where is the world's largest open-air aviary with exotic birds from all over the world?
Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo

Where is the world's 2nd largest collection of ancient elephant fossils located?
Morrill Hall,UNL Campus

Where is the world's largest porch swing located and how many adults can sit in it at one time?Hebron, 25 adults

Where is the only church with pews that switch from Catholic services at one end and Protestant services at the other end located?

Where is the world's largest hand-planted forest located?
Halsey National Forest near Thedford

Where is the world's only museum dedicated to Fur Trading located?
Museum of the Fur Trade near Chadron

What was the first fort constructed west of the Missouri River?
Fort Atkinson near Blair

The World's largest railroad classification complex is located where?
Bailey Yards in North Platte

Who was the most highly paid executive woman and her hometown?
Evelyne Broadstone, later known as Lady Vestey From Superior

World-famous architect, Edward Durrell Stone, designed what museum in Nebraska?
Stuhr Museum near Grand Island

What is the structure constructed out of old cars called located near Alliance?

One of the only museums dedicated to one line of automobiles is in Nebraska , what is its name?Chevyland USA near Elm Creek

Which state park was a World War II German P.O.W. camp?
Fort Robinson

The world's largest Kolache Festival is located where?
Prague, Nebraska

The only rodeo grounds listed on the National Register of Historical sites is located where?Garfield County Fairgrounds in Burwell

What town along I-80 is located on the 100th Meridian , where the humid east meets the arid west?

Where was the person that invented the shock absorber from?

What is the name of Nebraska 's one-house legislature, the only one of its kind in the United States?

What two political history making events happened in 1986 in Nebraska?
The first time in history two women ran against each other for Governor of a state (Kay Orr-R, Helen Boosalis-D) and Kay Orr became the nation's first Republican woman Governor.

What was the total cost to construct the Nebraska Capitol building?
10 million dollars ($9,800,440.07)

What railroad linked the east and west coasts with the Golden Spike and has its headquarters in Nebraska?
Union Pacific

Who started the first rodeo in the nation and in what Nebraska city?
Buffalo Bill Cody in North Platte (July 4, 1882)

Omaha has been the home of the College World Series since what year?

Name four communities in Nebraska that are also Indian tribes.
Arapahoe, Ogallala, Omaha , Pawnee City , (Cities) Santee , Ponca, Macy, Winnebago (Counties)

How did Ak-Sar-Ben race track in Omaha gets its name?
Nebraska spelled backwards

What are the 5 army forts located in Nebraska that are open to the public?
Atkinson, Kearny , Hartsuff, Sidney, Robinson

What Native American chief was killed at Fort Robinson?
Crazy Horse

Where did the largest train robbery of the Union Pacific railroad occur?
Big Springs in 1877

What was the starting point for the Black Hills Gold Rush?

Where was the original Fort Kearny located?
Nebraska City

Where are the world's largest hamburgers made?
Sioux Sundries in Harrison

What is Nebraska 's State Bird? State Flower? State Tree? State Gem?
Western Meadowlark; Goldenrod; Cottonwood ; Blue Agate

When was Nebraska made a state?
March 1, 1867

What army fort was built to protect the Pawnee from the Sioux?
Fort Hartsuff

Where was the 911 emergency communications developed and first used?

Where did Charles Lindberg learn to fly?
Lincoln when it was a major center for airplane manufacturing

What is Nebraska 's State Insect? State Fossil? State Song?
Honey Bee; Mammoth; "Beautiful Nebraska "

Where in Nebraska can you find an Indian Headdress cast in stone?
Durham Western Heritage Museum It was once part of the Fontenelle Hotel Building

What do the towns of Hebron and Gilead have in common with the biblical towns of the same names?
They are located the same distance from each other in Nebraska as they are in the Bible.

Which Nebraska town was once known as Gomorrah of the Plains?

What town was nicknamed Church City because of the number of churches in the town?

What was one of the original names for the Cornhuskers?
The Bugeaters, Golden Knights and Antelopes

What is the largest ethnic group in Nebraska?

How many states border Nebraska and what are they?
6: Iowa , Missouri , Kansas , Colorado , Wyoming and South Dakota

What are the 2 counties in Nebraska named after animals?
Antelope and Buffalo

What city was nicknamed the Alfalfa Capitol?
Cozad, they shipped more alfalfa than any point in the nation

What community can you find a demonstration of the Strobe Light and why?
The strobe light inventor, Dr. Harold Edgerton is an Aurora native.

What Nebraska food item did the Germans from Russia bring to the state?
The Runza

From what city did Morton Salt come?
Nebraska City

Where is one of the busiest Interstate McDonald's located in the country?

Who's mother gave Henry Fonda acting lessons at the Omaha Community Playhouse?
Marlon Brando's mom

What Omaha native was nicknamed The Kansas Comet?
Gale Sayers

What Nebraska native was the Democratic nominee for President three times?
William Jennings Bryan

What former President was born in Nebraska?
Gerald Ford

Who founded Boys Town?
Father Edward Flanagan

What Baseball Hall of Fame player is from St. Paul , Nebraska?
Grover Cleveland Alexander

What Omaha native had a brief stint with the Harlem Globetrotters?
Bob Gibson

Who is the nation's first Native American woman doctor?
Susanne LeFlesche Picotte

Who was the founder of Arbor Day and served as Secretary of Agriculture under President Grover Cleveland?
J. Sterling Morton

Who is the Pulitzer Prize winning author from Nebraska?
Willa Cather

What McDonald's food product was created at the University of Nebraska?

What soft drink was invented in Nebraska?

What city in Nebraska is located exactly between Boston and San Francisco?

What number state was Nebraska in joining the nation?

What famous WWI general was an instructor at UNL?
John J. Pershing

Who claimed the nation's first homestead and where was it claimed?
Daniel Freeman near Beatrice

What modern tool found in most tool boxes today was invented and manufactured in Nebraska?The Vice-Grip in Dewitt

Where is the world's' largest American Legion post located?
Post #3 in Lincoln

What town has been the subject of more books than any other town in literature?
Red Cloud

Thurl Ravenscroft from Norfolk has been the voice of what cartoon character for over 35 years?Tony the Tiger from Kellogg's Sugar Frosted Flakes

From what city were the Hall brothers who started Hallmark cards?

What site along the Oregon trail was mentioned in most of the pioneer diaries?
Chimney Rock

Where do the two major highways that run border to border meet?
I-80 & Highway 81 meet in York

What county is the home of the most intercontinental ballistic missiles located?
Cheyenne ( Sidney )

What is Nebraska 's oldest State Park?

What Junior High School was the first in the nation?
Whittier Jr. High in Lincoln

Where is the longest straight main street in the nation?
"O" Street stretches from Milford through Lincoln to Union

What is the only "dry" county in Nebraska?
McPherson County

What are the names etched around the base of the Capitol Building?
Nebraska's 93 counties

Why are there 48 steps leading up to the 2nd floor of the Capitol?
48 states existed when the Capitol was built

Name the largest furniture store in the nation and the person who founded it.
Nebraska Furniture Mart; Rose Blumkin (Mrs. B)

Name the largest jewelry store in the nation and its location.
Borsheims in Omaha

Where is the National Liar's Hall of Fame located?

Nebraska is known for its green agricultural circles. What causes them?
Central Pivot Irrigation

What county in Nebraska is larger than the state of Connecticut?

Name four historical trails that crossed Nebraska.
Oregon, Lewis and Clark , Mormon, Pony Express

Where is the largest painted shamrock located?
Downtown O'Neill

Why does the Sower on top of the Capitol face the northwest?
Geographically, most of the state lies to the northwest of Lincoln

Approximately how many buffalo were killed by Buffalo Bill Cody in 1867?

According to pioneers, what is known as a mile wide and a foot deep?
The Platte River

In what community does the North and South Platte Rivers meet?
North Platte

What county allegedly has more millionaires proportionally to its population than any other in the nation?
Grant County

What bar/restaurant boasts a 1,300 pound polar bear?
Ole's in Paxton

What is Fred Austerlitz's more famous name and where was he born?
Fred Astaire from Omaha

What Oscar winning actor was born in Omaha?
Marlon Brando

What actress (from Hastings ) won an Academy Award for her role in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Sandy Dennis

What silent screen comedian from Nebraska is regarded as the third genius of the silent era after Charles Chaplin and Buster Keaton?
Harold Lloyd from Burchard

Who was Calvin Coolidge's vice president?
Charles Dawes

What influential U.S. Senator was the founder of Nebraska 's one-house Unicameral?
George Norris

What famous civil rights leader was from Omaha?
Malcolm X

What Nebraska community was declared by Congress to be a national Czech Capitol?

Where is the world's largest concentration of Sandhill cranes?
Central Platte Valley from Overton to Grand Island

Who was the first modern-day serial killer and where is he buried?
Charles Starkweather at Lincoln 's Wyuka Cemetery

How long did the Pony express operate?
18 months

What was the charge to send a letter via the Pony Express?
$5 an ounce

What was the average time it took a letter to get from St Joseph , Missouri to Sacramento , California on the Pony Express?
10 days

What put the Pony Express out of business in 1861?
The telegraph

What was the first item Cabela's sold through the mail?
Fishing lures

More Nebraska Facts:
Nebraska was once called "The Great American Desert.
State Motto: Equality before the law
Nebraska is the birthplace of the Reuben sandwich.
Spam (canned meat) is produced in Fremont.
Nebraska has the U.S 's largest aquifer (underground lake/water supply), the Ogallala aquifer.
Nebraska has more miles of river than any other state.
Nebraska was the first state to complete its segment of the nation's mainline interstate system, a 455 mile stretch of four lane highway.
Nebraska has more underground water reserves than any other state in the continental U.S.
Weeping Water is the nation's largest limestone deposit and producer.
Mutual of Omaha Corporate headquarters is a public building built with 7 floors underground

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Great post Linda. Did you know that I celebrated Nebraska's centennial 40 years ago as an 8 year old, and now I'm celebrating Oklahoma's centennial? Am I the only one with this honor or do you think there are others?

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