Monday, August 13, 2007

Summer Conference: We Couldn't Have Done it Without Them!

I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the great Team ISEA staff that really "do it all" every day on behalf of the organization and without their extra effort at Summer Conference, it just wouldn't happen.

Randy Richardson (at right) ISEA Associate Executive Director for Field Services was our manager charged with the task of coordinating the 2007 Summer Conference. Randy rose above the challenges of a speaker canceling one week prior to the conference as well as coordinating the two presidential campaigns and their staff and all the other parts of the conference. Yeoman's work, Randy!

Working closely with Randy throughout the year and during the conference was Sheryl Ballard (on the left with me). Sheryl, Director of Affiliate Services, worked directly with the Buena Vista University Events Coordinator in making every detailed arrangement to make all parts of the conference run smoothly. As always, great work Sheryl!

Terrific support staff that were a part of the Team ISEA Storm Lake crew are: Linda Sporrer (from left to right), is a UniServ Secretary for Lincolnway UniServ Unit who works in our Des Moines Regional office; Larry Lewis, retired ISEA staff that we hire to help coordinate our special events; and Lori Boyd, UniServ Secretary in the Sioux City Regional office.

Also a part of our Storm Lake team are (from left to right): Michele Alden, Unit 2 Secretary in the Hampton Regional office; Kathy Bosovich, Secretary for ISEA Teaching and Learning in the Des Moines Regional office; and Deb Pennington, UniServ Secretary in the Des Moines Regional office working with Mid-Iowa UniServ Unit and Polk Suburban UniServ Unit.

Always pitching in to lend a hand is Cheri Swanson (at right) Secretary for Communications in our Des Moines Regional office. One of Cheri's many responsibilities at Summer Conference was to head up the ISEA Store.

Our Team ISEA crew in Storm Lake is just a fraction of the great staff effort to make sure Summer Conference is a success. Back in the Des Moines office a great deal of printing, packing, coordinating takes place. In all of our regional offices our staff work hard to encourage leaders to participate by giving scholarships and making sure they get registered for the conference. Thanks, Team ISEA for another great effort and a terrific Summer Conference!

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