Monday, November 12, 2007

Statewide Tour Leads to East Central UniServ Unit

On Wednesday November 7th I headed out in the ISEA Limo (aka Dodge Caravan) to East Central UniServ Unit and to North Liberty. The community of North Liberty is part of the Iowa City Community School District.

My first stop was at James Van Allen Elementary where a great Team ISEA leader, LaTrenda Soukup (pictured at right with her 1st and 2nd graders) teaches. Van Allen Elementary is in its third year and what a beautiful facility! It was extra special to see Team ISEA leader LaTrenda in her classroom!

As I was heading towards the van in the parking lot, LaTrenda came running out with a camera to capture our photo to send to her mother. She said her Mother would be so proud of her. Oh honey, your Mother has ever so many ways to be proud of you--Team ISEA is just grateful that we are a priority for you!

Before the school day ended on Wednesday, I was off to Penn Elementary in North Liberty to read to the 6th grade classes. Here I reconnected with Team ISEA leader Mary Treiber. Mary Treiber and LaTrenda Soukup are co-chairs for the Iowa City EA Membership Committee.

Here (on the far left) is Mary Treiber and her colleague Amy Connolly (on the far right) with their combined homerooms of 6th graders.

At the end of the school day Mary provided wonderful snacks for the Penn Elementary staff in her classroom so as they may have a chance to relax and visit.

Thanks, Mary Treiber (on the left) for your leadership in the classroom and in the association! How lucky we are to have you as a leader on Team ISEA!

Thanks too to Amy Connolly (at right) for all you do every day for the students in your classroom and in the community.

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