Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Little Snow Doesn't Slow Us Down in Siouxland

Northwest Iowa received anywhere from 4-6" of snow last night and many school districts in the area had late starts this morning. Unfortunately my visit to Sgt. Bluff-Lutton had to be canceled as their district was one of many to have a late start this morning.

My day didn't start until mid-morning, but when it did--it was on a high note with a return visit to West High School in Sioux City.

With the opportunity to tour the building and meet many staff, I had a chance to stop in the classroom of long-time friend, Ron Colling. Ron teaches Math here at West High School and continues to serve on the Negotiations Team for the Sioux City Education Association.

Sioux City Education Support Professional Association President, Leslie Dake (pictured on the left) works in the West High School office in Finance and Payroll. Pictured with Leslie is SCESP Association member Jodie Larson, a Media Assistant, selected by Team ISEA to represent us at the upcoming national meeting to be held in Baltimore, Maryland in March as an emerging leader at NEA's ESP Conference!

Marlin Jeffers (on the left) Chair of ISEA's Area Education Agency standing committee and President of Siouxland UniServ Unit is joined here with Steve Mullenberg, a School Psychologist with Northwest Area Education Agency. Steve works at West High School 2 1/2 days a week as part of his professional responsibilities.

As we returned to the office area to check out, I asked both our host Leslie Dake and Marlin Jeffers who joined us on our West High visit that I thought there was something "missing" here in the front foyer. They explained that the school mascot, a wolverine , had an "accident". The school is raising money to replace the mascot "Wooly".

Lunch today was at one of my all time favorite stops in Iowa here at Green Gables in Sioux City. I always have to have a cup of their matzo ball soup and a hot fudge sundae. Yum, all was just as delicious as always!

Joining us for lunch at Green Gables was Siouxland UniServ Unit Administrative Assistant, Lori Boyd. Lori is highly respected for her great work and well loved by members throughout all Siouxland UniServ Unit! Thanks for all you do on Team ISEA, Lori!

My afternoon took me to Whittier Elementary in the Sioux City Community School District. I had the chance to read to a number of classrooms this afternoon!

My first classroom visit took us in the room of 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Larson. She is pictured with her homeroom (on the left).

Next two groups of 3rd grade joined together to hear the read aloud I shared. The two classrooms are pictured below with their teachers, Mr. Juelfs and Mr. Mason.

Nearing the end of the day our next visit took us into the room of Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Karrer. These were darling little kiddos that were so excited to help with the read aloud! Mrs. Karrer is pictured (on the right) with her homeroom.

The last classroom to visit before the end of the school day was in the Kindergarten classroom of long-time friend and great association activitist, Amy Snodgrass. Amy is pictured with her homeroom here on the left.

So when I feel a little tired at the end of my school visits, I think how I've had a pretty easy day compared to all the great educators I've visited throughout the day! You continue to do magic every day! Thanks for all you do every day for all Iowa's students!

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