Friday, April 27, 2007

Governor Culver and State Legislators Keep Their Promise To Iowa's Teachers

Thursday, April 26th was a historic day for Iowa's teachers. Governor Chet Culver, a former high school government teacher signed into law a landmark bill that will dramatically increase K-12 salaries and give teachers a voice in determing their own professional development needs.

Lt. Governor Patty Judge led off the bill signing ceremony with special recognition to the Iowa State Education Association for making the case with the public over the years for the need to raise teacher salaries.

Governor Culver said “To provide a world-class education requires world-class teachers, and we here in Iowa have been blessed with some of the best teachers in the nation. It is only fair that we pay them as the dedicated professional that they are. Many teachers and parents alike have waited patiently for a day when our state gives educators the pay raise they deserve. I am proud to say that today they have to wait no longer! Our state will finally give our teachers a much deserved raise, and make Iowa once again a place that values our teachers and their service to our children. “

Driving in from Iowa City to be a part of this historic event for all of Iowa's teachers is Sue Dvorsky (on the left) an Iowa City middle school teacher and Iowa City EA Grievance Chair. Sue is married to state Senator Bob Dvorsky, a long-time friend of education. Pictured with us is Representative Mary Mascher (on the right), state Representative from the Iowa City area and an elementary teacher.

Before leaving the celebration at the state Capitol, I caught up with Governor Culver to personally thank him for his leadership on behalf of all Team ISEA.

I wish you all could have been there with us--we know you were there in spirit, as you were back home in your classrooms doing the magic you do every day for Iowa's students !

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Karen S. said...

This is great! Please remember to include AEA staff when identifying your members. Educators, birth through 21 are included in the bill also. Thanks.