Saturday, April 28, 2007

ISEA-PAC Central Committee Meets To Take Next Steps

On Saturday, April 28th the ISEA-PAC Central Committee met at the ISEA Headquarters Building for a day long meeting. It was one of the first days that Iowans have seen the sun after nearly a week of chilly weather and torrential rains. We are grateful for the dedicated members of ISEA PAC Central Committee that gave yet one more day for the association! With the work of the 2007 state Legislature (nearly) complete, PAC members begin planning for their involvement in the 2008 Iowa Caucuses.

Attendance was as follows:
[Each UniServ Unit has appointed (2) Republican and (2) Democratic association members to represent them.]
Geode 2
Mid-Iowa 2
Siouxland 2
Unit 9 2
Unit 10 2
Hawkeye 1
Lincolnway 1
Northern Pride 0
Unit 2 0

After reviewing PAC Guidelines, Team ISEA Lobbyist gave a review of the 2007 legislative session (the Legislature is expected to adjourn late tonight). Jon Studer (pictured at left) started things off by walking us through SF 277 the new and improved Student Achievement and Teacher Quality Program. PAC Central Committee members received a "draft" of the presentation, knowing a powerpoint presentation will be posted on the ISEA website soon.

At lunch PAC Central Committee members sat together by Congressional Districts to discuss strategies on getting members to both lobby members of Congress and attend forums with presidential candidates to convey our message of making needed changes to the No Child Left Behind Law as its reauthorization comes before Congress later this year.

The afternoon session began with ISEA lobbyist Brad Hudson (at right) sharing results of donations to ISEA PAC. Lists were provided listing UniServ Units with all their local associations in order of those with the highest percentage of PAC participation to lowest percentage of members contributing. Leading UniServ Units with the highest numbers of members participating was CedarWood UniServ Unit with 95% participation! Other UniServ Units that have at least 70% of members participating are: Great River UU 85%; DMEA 84%; Siouxland UU 83%; Hawkeye UU 80%; and MississippiBend UU 72%. The goal was set to work toward at least a 70% participation.
Brad next shared from NEA "An Educator's Guide to Greater Involvement in the Republican Party of Iowa". Included was the platform of the Iowa Republican party as well as a 'how to' guide of the Iowa Caucus process.

Before heading out to enjoy the beautiful Saturday afternoon, Brad and I shared "NEA's Top Legislative Priorities for ESEA". PAC members were given a list of seven points that Team NEA is urging Congress to make needed changes to ESEA. In addition four suggested questions were shared that Team ISEA members could pose to both their member of Congress and to presidential candidates when they attend their candidate forums/events.

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