Monday, September 17, 2007

Lunch in Gunder, then off to Dubuque!

As I travel throughout the state I have the chance to see the beautiful Iowa countryside and meet our members in their educational workplace. Rarely do I have enough time built into a schedule (nor should I) to stop and partake of the local cuisine. Thursday I had just that chance when leaving Postville and before I needed to be in Dubuque.

NEIEU UniServ Director Bev Crumb Gesme and I made a point to stop in the town of Gunder, Iowa to have a "Gunderburger" for lunch. The "Gunderburger" is a 20 oz. hamburger! Okay, I take pictures of everything else on my visits, but I just knew you would be so envious that you couldn't take a big bite from this delicious burger. It really was quite scrumptious! Next time when I'm in the area, I understand I need to have the tenderloin from "The Tap" in St. Olaf.

Following our lunch, I was off to Dubuque! I needed to be to an "Educator Roundtable" with Senator Barack Obama by 4:00 p.m. and I was a good two hours away!

As with so many candidates who have a very hectic schedule, things ran a little behind. I had the chance then to share my concerns with Jackie Norris of Senator Obama's campaign with comments Senator Obama has made regarding "performance based pay".

Nearly 60 teachers from the Dubuque area and eastern Iowa had been asked to be apart of the hour-long discussion with Presidential candidate Barack Obama. Senator Obama was very clear in saying that first he believed teachers need to be paid a minimum of $40,000, then if local school districts (sitting down with the local teacher's union) met at the bargaining table and could agree.....then, and only then, should teachers be paid differently.
I have asked the Obama campaign for the video taken so I can share with you. Please check back from time to time to see if it is posted here.

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