Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Return Visit to Boyden-Hull Elementary Where My School Visits Began Four Years Ago

Four years ago as I began serving as President of ISEA, my first school visit took me to Boyden-Hull Elementary. It was their first day of students and UniServ Director Mora Zinn and I arrived just as the school bell rang to end their first day. The children came tumbling out with all the excitement the experiences that the first day brings. I nearly started to cry, it made me miss “my” kids, my 4th graders that I wouldn’t be teaching that year. It brought back so quickly why I came to this position, it is all about the kids…the students we teach! The Boyden-Hull EA members held a wonderful Meet & Greet after school in the staff lounge for my first visit. It was sure good to be back today!
Today, I had the chance to read to the combined groups of 2nd grade. A long-time friend and 2nd grade Boyden-Hull teacher/association leader Cindy Fitzgerald had invited me to read to their children. Here I’m pictured with Cindy.

Here is Cindy Fitzgerald and her homeroom of 2nd graders. Also a part of this 2nd grade team is teacher associate Veronica Hoekstra (standing on the left).

The other 2nd grade class is the homeroom of Mrs. Julie Anderson. Here Julie is pictured with her 2nd graders. I read a new book to me to the children, 17 Things I'm Not Allowed To Do Anymore, by Jenny Offill, illustrated by Nancy Carpenter.

Thanks Boyden-Hull Elementary for your hospitality! It was extra special to see you all again working your magic with your students!

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