Wednesday, September 12, 2007

NEA Launches NEW Republican Educators Website

Team NEA wants to share with you a new website called Elephant Educators ( that has been set up by one of our members, Jerome Hoynes of Illinois. The website is an outgrowth of the first NEA Republican Leaders Conference held this August in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Approximately 80 NEA members from 40 states attended the Republican Leaders Conference to undergo political and communications training and share ideas and experiences as Republican members of the NEA. At the end of the conference, participants brainstormed how to move forward in recruiting other Republican NEA members to become more active in the Republican Party. Some of them may have already contacted you to discuss ways to expand outreach to Republican members in our states.

One of the most exciting initiatives launched after the conference is the new Elephant Educators website. The site is an on-line advocacy group dedicated to improving American public education through increased cooperation and understanding between Republican Party organizations and members of the NEA.

Please take a minute to look at and share this information and resources with Republican members in your states. Thank you.

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Jerome Hoynes said...

Thanks so much to President Nelson for spreading the word to ISEA members about the newly created Elephant Educators Forum We welcome all educators from the Iowa State Education Association to join us and help advance our positive great public schools agenda within the Republican Party.
As the home of the nation's first presidential caucuses, Iowa teachers could play a major part in encouraging all GOP candidates to show more support for public education. Since all the GOP Presidential campaigns listen carefully to your opinions as they court your support to participate in the caucus meetings, your opportunity to create change is enormous. Can you imagine what would happen if the presidential candidates and their campaign staff members expected that thousands of pro-public education Republican voters were intending to show up on Election Day? What would the caucus results look like if every ISEA Republican member became a powerful voice at the caucus meetings? If ISEA Republican members are anticipated to be a respected force at the caucus meetings, surely the candidates will begin actively seeking ISEA supporters who will be devoted enough to attend the caucuses committed to argue for their team.
Someday, all GOP candidates across the country will do their best to obtain the NEA and AFT endorsements. It will be a great day for the GOP and the NEA/AFT when both parties compete on equal footing for "Education Voters". IOWA's Elephant Educators can help make that day a reality; ISEA Republicans can start something that will be truly appreciated nationwide.