Wednesday, October 31, 2007

South Central Tour Leads Us to Mormon Trail EA

On a beautiful fall morning on Tuesday, October 30th, South Central UniServ Director Jim Crotty and I headed to Humeston to visit the Mormon Trail Community Schools. It was such an enjoyable drive, fall harvesting nearly complete and the beautiful fall colors reflecting the bright morning sun!

The first classroom visit took us into the Pre-K class of Mormon Trail EA President Carol Jones. Here I read aloud a Halloween book Carol had for me. The children were adorable!

Next we were off to the 4th grade classroom of Mrs. Trimble. She is pictured (at right) with her homeroom.

The next classroom to visit was Danielle Miller's 6th grade. Danielle Miller is in the back row with Becky Stripe seated in the front row amongst the 6th graders (at left).

The final classroom visit took us to Ms. Hunter's 5th grade. Here the 5th graders are pictured at right.

Thanks, Mormon Trail EA leaders for all you do as instructional leaders for Iowa's students!

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