Monday, October 30, 2006

Muscatine EA Leaders Make Phone Calls to Members on Behalf of a Friend of Education

After a full day of staff development on Monday, October 30th, Muscatine EA leaders gathered at Strawberry Farms Bed & Breakfast in Muscatine to make phone calls on behalf of Representative Nathan Reichert. Pictured (on the left) are Kathy Haltmeyer, ISEA Executive Board Representative from Mississippi Bend UniServ Unit and Randy Naber, Muscatine EA Treasurer.

On the road with me all day and then making phone calls this evening is Mississippi Bend UniServ Director, Lynette Claeys (on the right).

Making calls on behalf of our great friend of students and public education Nathan Reichert is Muscatine EA president, Carol Kula (pictured on left).

Serving as our hostess at Strawberry Farms Bed & Breakfast was owner Linda Reichert(pictured at right), Rep. Nathan Reichert's mother. Linda has worked every bit as hard at door knocking as any volunteer on the campaign. This being her 2nd campaign, Linda is a seasoned veteran of knowing the nuts and bolts of campaigning. Representative Reichert's father, Carl, was busy making a big pot of homemade chili that we all enjoyed when the calls were complete.

And finally, the recommended candidate himself, Representative Nathan Reichert! Representative Reichert is a proven advocate for students and public education. When he campaigns and promises to invest in Iowa schools and raise salaries of educators, he has a voting record that matches. Thanks, Representative Reichert for your continued great work on behalf of Iowa's students and educators!

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