Friday, October 27, 2006

A Return Trip to Columbus Junction

On Wednesday, October 25th Geode UniServ Director Suzy Card and I headed down the road to Columbus Junction. Our first stop was at Roundy Elementary. I first visited Roundy Elementary during the 2004-2005 school year. It was fun to return to a familiar place!

The first classroom visit took me to the room of Julie Smith and her Kindergarteners. Here Julie is pictured with her homeroom class (on the left).

Our next classroom visit took us to the 3rd grade homeroom of Marcia Everett. The students were a great audience to share a read aloud book with!

The last elementary classroom I had a chance to read aloud to was Terri Shafer's 4th grade homeroom. Here Terry and her 4th graders are pictured (on the left). There sure were a lot of students in her homeroom!

Before leaving Roundy Elementary we enjoyed some home-baked cookies (by the school cooks) in the staff lounge with those enjoying a well-deserved break.

Greeting us at the Middle/High School was Columbus EA leader Debbie Paulsen. Debbie is pictured here (on the right) with Geode UniServ Director Suzy Card (in red). Debbie in a Resource Room teacher. The Columbus EA hosted a "Subway Sandwich Lunch" in the Middle/High School staff lounge.

Stopping by between classes was Columbus EA president Jan Rutt. Jan (pictured with me at left) is a Middle School Science teacher. Thanks Jan for your leadership!

An association member that we met in the staff lounge was AEA person Landis Fick. Every school building has someone that is a part of their educational team from one of Iowa's AEAs. Thanks Landis for your work on the Columbus team!

Following our lunch we were off to the 8th grade Social Studies class of Mr. Mike Pavey. Mike (standing at left) was described to us over lunch as a "valuable team member" by his colleagues. I spoke to Mr. Pavey's 8th graders about my experience serving as a member of the state legislature.

Middle School students that came in from the Publications Class to snap my photo were Abel Ortiz and Leo Campos (pictured here on the right).

Thanks so much for your hospitality, Columbus EA! There are terrific things going on in your classrooms!

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