Friday, October 27, 2006

The Road Winds On To Washington and Reconnecting With Friends

As our school day was nearing the end on Wednesday, we were off to Stewart Elementary in Washington. Here I had a chance to meet a great first year teacher, Jill Bader. Jill had the presence and a command of her classroom as if she were a seasoned veteran. I had the chance to share a favorite read aloud with her Kindergarten class. Here Ms. Bader (on the right) is pictured with her Kindergateners. Our future looks bright with such quality folks entering the profession as Jill Bader!

I then had the chance to reconnect with a long-time association activist and friend, Elementary Media Specialist Kathleen Kishel. Here Kathleen (seated at left) is pictured reading to a group of 4th graders in the Stewart Elementary Media Center.

After the school day was over and all of the students were well on their way home, the Washington EA hosted a meet and greet in the Stewart Elementary Art room for state Senate candidate Becky Schmitz. Members gathered to enjoy some "Dutch Letters" from Pella and fresh juice over conversation. Maria Haberer, long-time association activist and friend (standing at right) is pictured with colleagues.

Another long-time friend and association activist to join the reception was Fred Stark. Fred is Geode UniServ Unit's representative on the ISEA Retired Committee. Fred also serves the community of Washington as member of the Washington City Council. Fred is pictured on the left.

The guest of honor is retired AEA association leader and candidate for the Iowa Senate Becky Schmitz. Becky (pictured on the right) has been working hard for the last year and a half. She's knocked on over 5,000 doors in the rural district which touches 3 different counties. We are so proud to give our support to one of our own, Becky Schmitz!

Thanks go out to our friends of the Washington EA for the great event that you hosted for Becky. Thanks too for all you do every day for Iowa's students!


Anonymous said...

Glad you could go to school, Fred. Retired folks are busy with politics. We must know something!

Anonymous said...

I have known Jill Bader since she was a 4th grader in my own classroom. The signs of her success were there all along. I, too, have visited her kindergarten classroom. There is a bright future for her in education!

Mary Chmelar