Saturday, March 31, 2007

Just North of Sioux City We Visit Hinton Community Schools

On Wednesday afternoon March 28th my guest for the week retired Council Bluffs EA leader Wanda Synhorst and I knew we were traveling in style! Sioux City EA president Donna Walsh (our driver) collected NEA Director Gayle Jeffers, then we were off to the community of Hinton.

I was familiar with the building and knew right where to find good friend Laurie Bird. Laurie is a long-time association activist and a member of ISEA-PAC Central Committee. Laurie (in pink) pictured with her Kindergarten class along with teacher associate Holly Davis. Laurie has the most engaging classroom--filled with Susie's Zoo characters! I would want to come back to school every day with a teacher like Laurie and a welcoming classroom as her's! I read aloud the book Officer Buckle and Gloria.

The other classroom we had the opportunity to visit was in 4th grade teacher's Darcy Kuchel's room. Darcy's students were off to specials so she had her rare planning time. She was gracious enough to visit with us. She shared how this was her 10th year teaching. She spoke of the numerous preparations she has to meet all curriculum goals and meet the needs of all her students. It just never ceases to amaze me how teachers "do it all"! I felt lucky that I got to read-aloud two favorites ("Take Me Out to the Ballgame" and "Casey at the Bat") when the students returned to the classroom. Oh how I love reconnecting with students!

At the end of the school day in Hinton, a half dozen teachers gathered in association leader Laurie Bird's room to visit. They anxiously wrote down details about SF 277 the Teacher Quality legislation ready for House floor action so they could share details with their colleagues.

Thanks Laurie Bird and the Hinton EA for all the great things you continue to do to provide great public schools for Iowa's students!

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