Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Road Trip With a Detour

On Tuesday morning I set out a bit early in order to take a detour to the community of Kolona. Kolona is a community in southeast Iowa. I drove east on I-80 until I met up with Hwy 218; then heading south on Hwy 218 for 5 miles, then approximately 15 miles west and south on Hwy 1.

My first stop was at the Cheese House. Here you could watch the process of making cheese curds through windows into the factory. I of course had to purchase a couple of bags, hoping there might be some left in my little cooler when I return to the office on Friday. The Cheese House is actually a bit north of town.

Once in Kolona, I discovered this horse and buggy. Even the horse cooperated by turning to have its photo taken! In the region around Kolona, there is a large concentration of Amish families.

I did pop into a number of shops, lots of lovely things and I especially found the quilt shop an interest!

Check out this website and learn more about this Iowa community! http://www.kalonaiowa.org/village/index.html

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